Ghost Mannequin is the technique to join all the images taken from different views for giving a complete look of a product. It is also known as Neck Joint Service. This method is popular in an e-commerce site for providing a better experience to your customer. You can make the product more attractive by using a mannequin.

In e-commerce sites, a complete product display can increase the sell. In Ghost mannequin, we remove the mannequin and join the front and rear part of a product from different images to give the complete view of that product. 

“Clipping Path Era” has been working for years with the well-known e-commerce site. We have experience with all type of products like- shirts, pants, dress, trousers, jacket, sweaters, lingerie, cosmetics, and jewelry, etc.


Why Ghost Mannequin Effect is Important?:

Ghost mannequin or neck joint is an image editing technique for product images. First, photographers take photos from the different corner of the product with the dummy. But their photos cannot be used in catalog or website directly. There is a need for a ghost mannequin effect.

Our expert removes the mannequin and joint the different view of the products to give it a real look. We can apply the ghost or invisible mannequin effect to a shirt, pant, coat, dress and all type of garments.

Neck Joint the Common Synonym of Ghost Mannequin:

While removing a mannequin, the neck area becomes empty. In the presence of a dummy, the latter part is not visible. Therefore, you need a neck joint service. For joining the neck, we want the front and back parts’ pictures. Sometimes the image of sleeves is also necessary.

Our experts will join the different parts by using the image processing technique and provide a complete look at the product. For a complete and flawless look, we clean the edges and use various clipping path technique like shadow-removing, image manipulation, color correction, reshaping to make the image appealing.

With mannequin, the inner part of the product remains invisible. It looks awkward. To make the photorealistic, photographers take pictures of the inner part. Then our expert combines all the images and removes the mannequin that people can easily understand the product view from all the side.