Who We Are?

“Clipping Path Era” is a team of highly skilled and experienced graphic designers. All of our team members have more than ten years experiences both in well know organizations and online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and 99 Designs.

Our high-quality work and dedicated customer service have established us as one of the Best Clipping Path Service Providers in Bangladesh. We bring all the expertise under a roof to serve our clients with the best.

Our Team is Our Strength

our team is our strength

We are energetic and hard working. We know our work very well. We have proven ourselves in the different arena of high-end photo editing services like image retouching and restoring, image masking, image manipulation, creating shadow, glamour retouching, color correction and many more. For each section of image editing, we have our special team to give the best product to our clients.

Experience with International Clients

We have been working with well-known photographers, production and media houses, magazines, fashion and photo studios, web designers, e-commerce site and others. Over the past years, we have gained experience and expertise in working with all type of image editing services.

We have clients from all over the world, mainly from USA and UK. Our outputs are the Global Standard. Therefore, we are confident and promise you the best quality work at a low price and fastest time.

 Don’t be Anxious about Price

Usually, people believe a low price gives only low-quality work. Here, we are different from others. Our target is to serve a vast number of people with our world best services. We can balance between client’s budget and our profit.

“Clipping Path Era” ensures the best image editing service for their clients with the Best Price and Unlimited Edit Options.

Our Mission

We have started our journey since 2012 with the aim to be the best Clipping Path Service Provider in the industry. We offer the best services with a budget-friendly cost to serve the maximum number of clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to satisfy our clients by quality works at a reasonable price. Every client has the same value for us. From small enterprises to leading media houses, we have all kind of clients in our list.

We always try to give them the best image processing services that fit their budget easily. As a result, we have achieved immense success over the last six years with 200+ happy clients.

  • Excellent quality and high-resolution image

  • Experts’ advise with two free trials

  • Experienced and specialist team of image editors

  • 24/7 customer care service

  • Bulk image processing capacity every day

  • Strictly maintain the work quality

  • Affordable price and fastest delivery

  • Special discount for mass order

  • Unlimited editing

  • Payment after client satisfaction

  • The different mode of payment including PayPal and Master Card

  • Weekly or Monthly payment system for regular customer

How Clipping Path Era Works

Services of Clipping Path Era

What makes us the best Clipping Path Service Provider?

  • 6+ years’ Experience of Image Processing

    We have a vast knowledge of Image Processing as we are working in the industry for years. Moreover, we have experts in our team who have 10+ years’ experience in the different segment of Clipping Path.

    Thus, we are a complete package of experience and quality work to give our clients the BEST OUTPUT.

  • Any Type of Photo Editing Service

    As we have the expertise, we can deal with complicated work. Our designers have experience in client dealing. Our top quality work satisfies our global clients.

    Therefore, we confidently invite clients to take our services for Photo Editing.

  • A Perfect Image Portraits Your Business Status

    As we work for Media houses and Web Image Optimization, we know perfection is the most important thing for them. So, we work with 100% dedication and patience to enhance the quality of the images.

  • 100% Hassle Free Fastest Delivery

    We main a disciplined workflow for our clients. Our QA team monitor the activity from placing your order to deliver the final copy. We proceed all our project Step-by-Step to give our clients the Best Work within the time limit.

  • Discipline Is Must For Success!

    We believe only a discipline working process can lead us to success. So we maintain a proper workflow to minimize all the hassle of our clients.

  • 2 Free Trials and Unlimited Edit Option

    We have nothing to hide because we have the best graphics designers in our team. So, we offer 2 free trials to our clients that they can know about our quality level.

  • 100% Refund Guarantee

    You need to pay after you get fully satisfied with our work. You can demand any changes until our work meets up all your requirement.

  • High-Class Quality Guaranteed within Your Budget

    “Clipping Path Era” believes in quality work. We always give EXTRA effort to give price worthy products to our clients. We examine all the tinny edges of our work very carefully.

    Besides high technical team, we also maintain a highly qualified Quality Control team. This QC team ensure the quality of the product justifies the demand of the client’s requirements.

  • Client’s Trust Is Our Main Asset

    We supply them Best Products at a Fair Price. We always try to balance between your budget and our profit. As a result, we always give the best clipping path services at a cooperative low price than other companies.

  • 24/7 Customer Care Services

    “Clipping Path Era” maintains a good relationship with their clients. We are always ready to serve our clients with our high-quality professionals. You are always open to your contact. Our Customer Care team will response you hardly in 15 minutes.

  • We are available for 365 days!

    Clipping Path Era is a prominent clipping path and photo editing service provider. We understand 100% client requirement and promise for the high quality work. Our skilled team members work with full dedication and use the latest technology to serve our clients more efficiently.

    We regularly communicate with our clients for assuring the transparency of our work. As a result, we have clients all over the world and increasing quickly, day by day.

    So, don’t be late. We are just waiting to serve you by our world best quality services.