Do you confused about your image? Is your best clipping path technique not helping you to get the desired result? We understand your need. “Clipping Path Era” is the best image masking service provider in the town.

Image masking is a photo processing technique of removing the background, blurred or transparent edges. Clipping path is the best method to remove the background from a picture. But when the image contains transparent or complex edges, clipping path is not very useful.

For working in the industry many years, we know the relation between quality image masking and the price. You will find many image processing service providers who may offer high quality at a high price, which is out of your budget. Other service provider offers a cheap rate. However, the quality can ruin your business.

“Clipping Path Era” is the best solution to image masking for your pictures. We ensure best quality work at an affordable price. We offer 100% money back in case of anomalies. Our experts have hands-on experience in image masking for years.

In online, the percent of people (38%) is higher who loves to see the transparent background. Photographers don’t have that much time to change the background frequently as the clients are raising every day. Focusing on the photo shoot is more necessary rather changing the background. Therefore, we offer the best image masking service to provide the photographer with an opportunity to focus on the Photoshoot.

Image masking is especially suitable for a product that has sharp or transparent edges like a siphon, muslin, hair or furry, etc.

Image Masking- Background Removal from Sharp Edge Object

In a simple word, the image masking is the removal of background from an object, which has a sharp edge or furry edge. It is also a separation method of a transparent and multiple sharp edges from a background.

The new background makes your image more attractive. Your clients are going to say just WOW to your sense. Adjustment to your image back enhances its beauty. As a result, you are going get more revenue from your service or product. Our modern lab has updated tools. Therefore, we can mask image from any format and background. We can also provide an image from any format like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PSG, GIF, etc.

We are 100% quality and customer oriented organization. Our experts have skills in dealing with customer and understand the value of time. We are proud to say that we honor our words. Therefore, our clients honor dignity.

Image Masking Lab Set up- We Use

As a professional and reliable image processing company in Bangladesh, we have advanced image processing lab set up. Clipping path Era has high-end pc setup for image processing which contains MAC and Windows. All of our PC have more than 16GB RAM, which is the minimum requirement for image processing. We have minimum core i5 6th generation processor in our PC. All of the PC has graphics card NVIDIA and Radeon, etc.

  • High end PC

  • Both MAC and Windows

  • High Definition 21” or higher monitor

  • Minimum 16GB RAM

  • Minimum processor intel core i5 6th Generation

  • Latest NVIDIA and Radeon with older version collection

  • Minimum 1 hour power backup for all instruments

As most of our clients need to complete their task in Adobe software, we have vast experience with working in the various Adobe software. However, we also have some seasonal work on Alien Skin, SkyLum Luminar, DxO PhotoLab, etc. We are familiar in dealing with the new and old version of the following soft tools.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Adobe Photoshop Light room CC

  • Phase one Capture

  • Adobe Photoshop Element

  • DxO PhotoLab

  • Adobe Photoshop Light room Classic CC

  • SkyLum Luminar

  • Alien Skin

Image Masking Service We Offer

Depending on your requirement, we have a wide range of image masking service. We never experiment with our clients’ products. Therefore, we chose the proven method to serve our clients. The technique we offer are-

  • Layer

  • Alpha Channel

  • Hair and Fur

  • Refined Edge

  • Transparent Item

  • Color

  • Layer Masking

This method is a crucial service in the image manipulation arena. Sometimes you find a few layers in a perfect image. This masking service removes those layer and saves a masterpiece. We create a bitmap of your image which we use with painting tools.

This service is very useful for graphics designer and photo editors for ghost mannequin, color correction, photo retouching, etc.

  • Alpha Channel Masking

This masking method is a combined for of image masking and clipping path. In this technique, we extract the object and take out the background. Therefore, the image becomes small RGBA format which is editable at any time.

This service is suitable for products like the kitten, puppies, dolls, brand models, wedding party, etc.

  • Hair and Fur Masking

This masking needs skill and hard labor to get a great result. Hair and fur of an image have multiple sharp edges which you can’t remove by simple clipping path.

This service is suitable for products like furry pets, dolls, brand models, etc.

  • Refined Edge

We have experience of Adobe Refined Edge skill to clean the disgusting edges and ensure a great view to your multilayer picture.

This service is suitable for products like trees, blanket, furry pets, dolls, fabrics, etc.

  • Photo Enhancement

Transparent items masking is an outstanding work that helps to remove transparent objects from your image. This masking service gives a natural look to your product and makes it more attractive. Often you can find the raw image of glass contains the reflections. Transparent item masking removes the reflected items from the object and also remove the background.

  • Color Masking

Using our Photoshop tools we can create random colors. This technique provides the ultimate control over the pixel of an image. We color mask over 2000 images per day for a bulk order.

Why You Should Rely on Us?

As the best image masking service provider in Bangladesh, we have zero tolerance for quality work. We are successful in using Adobe Photoshop and other effective tools. Our clients have faith in us for our after-sales service.

  • 100% QA for image masking

  • All image masking services under the same roof

  • Best image masking lab with advanced tools

  • Free consultation and sample work for clients satisfaction

  • Compensation in mistake

  • Cheap rate for image masking

  • Instant customer support

  • Secure payment method

  • Discount policy for bulk processing

Make your image more attractive with your trusted image masking service.  Contact us today or upload your image for a quotation.