An image is the best way to seizure time which preserves as a lifelong memory. Printing and framing an image give an occasion to keep your loving remembrance every day with you. Imprinting and saving the image in an album is classy. No cybercrime can steal your picture from a printed form. The memory is secure with you.

Unfortunately, each form of the printed image is vulnerable. We all experience the fading of printed image or destruction in disaster. However, all image destruction is not relating to the crash on the printed paper. Your digital photograph may subject to corruption.

We wonder to find a way to regain our old images to retain our past. Clipping path era is the trusted name to retrieve your loving remembrances ready by recovering the old pictures. We are the best image restoration service in Bangladesh and restore thousands of corrupt copy every day.

Image restoration is a process to regain the digital copy of the original image from a distorted or corrupt copy. There are many reasons for image corruption like color fading, blur vision, hazy and faulty focus. Clipping Path Era can reverse the color fading or blurring process by capturing an image point source. We call this technique point spread function.

Image restoration is a creative work. Appropriate skill can make the best result. Image restoration is necessary to make your memory alive, regenerate an excellent image from a crooked piece, fix color bugs and allure or beautify an image.

While restoring you have to care about the color, quality of the image and the extent of restoration, etc. Therefore, image restoration is demanding great skill. Unskilled restoration may be annoying rather part your soul.

You can use the image restoration service in any of your image which has small to large extent of corruption. The image restoration is essential for street photography and adventure photography. In these case, you don’t have much time to focus on a light angle or any other things. You may only get the chance to click the shutter.

It is common for each image processing service that you can find good picture restore service in the market. Most of the services will be out of your budget, especially if you need a bulk image restoration. You may also find some cheap service. Often the quality and professionalism are very vulnerable.

With vast experience and good lab set up, Clipping Path Era comes in front to fulfill your demand. We have the same dealing policy with the clients regardless of the order quantity. Our work quality is our pride. We never compromise with it.

Moreover, we offer a competitive rate for bulk image restoration which is adjustable within your budget. Clipping Path Era makes this possible as we already have modern tools, complete facility, a large team of experts, and regular clients. We believe in quality work at a small profit. For clients’ satisfaction, we offer trail sample, money back and revision until your satisfaction.

We can help you to restore any images as per your demand. We offer the best photo restoration service for correcting corrupt images like blur, shade, old printed image, fix the color bugs, etc.

Image Restoration- Cleaning a Noisy Image

The photo restoration is cleaning the noisy or corrupt part from the natural image. In image restoration, we clean or adjust the bug of an image to make it an original piece.

We classify the restoration in two ways based on the requirement of our clients.

  • Clean the Corrupt Part and Set a New Part

Often our clients send us a scanned copy or paper image of their early days or childhood. Sometimes the parts are absent. We also get many instances where the picture has one-third left.

Our image restoration experts make outstanding results for them. We prefer Adobe Photoshop for doing this restoration. We understand and care about our clients’ emotion. Therefore, we engage a dedicated team for the image restoration.

  • Adjust Digital Image to Make the Clear Object

In this photo restoration, we deal with the raw digital image. The fundamental work involves the de-blurring of motion or optical blur, restore the discrete pixel, and removal of additive noise. We are also familiar with Wiener filter, inverse filter, and MAP formulation.

Most often we get the picture from photojournalists or situational shutterbugs. Sometimes, they get only a few fractions of second to click and capture. Despite being a good photographer, they don’t have the opportunity to make a perfect click. Therefore, they only focus the object. But the random movement, light, optical rotation create a corrupt image.

Clipping Path Era always satisfies the clients by saving their desired image. Image restoration gives an allure to your image. Experts of our team fix all the issues of your image during recovery like pixel correction, blur correction, noise correction, etc.

As a Professional company, we always care about our clients’ demand. We are familiar with using Adobe Photoshop. However, we also use other software based on your requirement.

Software We Use for Image Restoration

Clipping path era can restore and generate an image and format that you need. Our modern lab has both iOS and Windows systems to cope up with your need. We work with various well-known tools. Mainly we use Adobe Photoshop. We are also dealing with the following software-

  • Image Mender

  • SoftOrbit Photo Retoucher

  • Retouch Pilot

  • Corel Paint Shop Pro

  • GIMP 2

Why You Rely on Us?

Clipping Path Era is the best image restoration lab in Dhaka. We have reached a benchmark in quality image restoration and clients’ pleasure. We are dealing effectively with your image by using the best image restoration tools. Best after sales service increase the confidence of our clients’ on us.

Moreover, we have some other reason for becoming a trustworthy partner of our clients.

  • No restored image gets out from our lab without QA check

  • One stop image processing service

  • Nonstop client support all over the year

  • Best image restoration studio with premium tools

  • Free counseling and sample for clients satisfaction

  • Return in mistake

  • The most affordable price of the market

  • Time-bound work output

  • Assure 100% loyalty

  • Protected payment system

  • Unlimited revision

  • Up to half price reduction than the regular price for bulk image restoration

Classic image restoration can create an alive recall from past. Clipping Path Era promises the best image restoration service in Bangladesh to provide the best appearance to your corrupt image.

For taking the best service from town, you are a step behind. Contact us now to light your memories!