An image talks thousand world and the image processing service has already established the truth. Nowadays, image plays a pivotal role to improve your business profit by increasing sales. In a more specific term, you can think about doing well in e-commerce business without a perfect picture. Appealing image is necessary to catch your clients’ attention.

 Clipping Path Era offers the perfect deal for image retouching. We have the best laboratory set up in the market to give you the best quality retouched photo. Our specialist team can retouch thousands of image every day. Our quality of work is our pride. Therefore, our clients rely on us.

We know image retouching needs an outstanding skill and isn’t a baby’s task. Skill and right tooling are vital for the perfect execution. Most often, clients need bulk image retouching which is difficult for any small or large group.

Don’t worry! Clipping Path Era has a magnificent set up for retouching approximately 1000 photographs per day. As a professional photo processing lab, we commit the possible timeline. Therefore, you can order us without a headache of complete delivery.

We can improve your photo by color correction, airbrushing, retouching and other image processing technique. We are able to retouch any format of the image and can deliver in your preferred form.

You may observe that there are spots, noise, and many other unnecessary objects. Clipping Path improves the image outlook and makes it vivid by using the image retouching technique. Lightning is a vital factor for a perfect image. We make any image perfect by color correction, pixel modification and embedding proper light.

If your product has a shiny and reflective surface, it becomes necessary to remove unwanted shadow and reflex. Our expert team can help you with best quality image retouching. Clipping Path Era is the best image manipulation service provider in the era of Bangladeshi Image Processing Industry.

We work with perfection to give an alluring look to your image. Our team removes all the unwanted spot and blemishes your image to give it a high end and professional getup. Our team has vast experience in dealing the national and international clients. We have many satisfied clients for our image retouching service. The number is increasing every day.

Clipping Path Era has a good lab setup for image retouching. We have modern equipment, advanced tools, and skilled team to complete any task within your budget at a short time frame. We have the money back and unlimited revision policy to ensure the best service to our clients.

Image Retouching- A New Look to Your Image

Photo retouching is a technique of giving a new look to your image by image manipulation or airbrushing. It’s very rare to capture a masterpiece, but the clients are demanding.

Ranging from the model of Playboy to roadside billboard, no image is flawless or perfect. Ordinary people don’t understand the glamour of the image. But we know the work behind. It’s a photo retouch that makes an image, a masterpiece.

We use advanced tools of modern image processing software to add glory to an image. The most common image retouch technique are sharpening or blurring at a perfect level. A pimple and scar removal is another famous technique of beautifying an image. Sometimes, we have to retouch all over of an image to make an attractive look.

Often it’s very costly to take a photo in the different background. By photo retouch, we can superimpose an image anywhere you need. We often ask our clients the purpose of retouch. The answer helps us to maintain perfect pixel and frame for use

Image Retouching Service We Offer

Clipping Path Era has an experienced team for image retouching. We retouch both jewelry and glamour. Therefore, you can contact us for retouching service. We work with many clients’ for improving the outlook of their product for presenting in the e-commerce site. We have worked with a few famous photographers in the world.

After our professional retouch, the glaze of product and model improves. Clipping Path Era becomes trustworthy to the clients. We can amend anything in a photo within our ethics and as per your demand.

Anyone who has an image and wants to add or correct something by retouch can use this best photo retouching service. We have more than six years of experience and understand the clients’ requirements. Therefore, we focus on a few of our retouching services.

  • Face and Portrait Retouch

  • Glamour Retouch

  • Photography Retouch

  • Photo Enhancement

  • Face and Portrait Retouch

This retouching technique allows softening the image. Nowadays, camera lenses are explicit to catch the natural synopsis. As a result, a dolorous face comes in front instead of natural beauty. Our expert can soften the face grossly or individually as per your demand. After our professional retouch, the image becomes more appealing.

  • Glamour Retouch

This method is the most popular retouch service we offer. We enhance the beauty of a subject in each possible aspect like hair, nail, cheek, eyelid, eye, lip, etc.

  • Photography Retouch

We retouch a photo in every aspect ranging from improper light to fixing pixel. Multiple issues are there which you can’t adjust to the real image. But our expert can retaliate them in a digital photograph by retouching.

  • Photo Enhancement

This technique encompasses a large area of photo processing. Our experts can do everything to enhance the glaze of your image by our photo enhancement service.

Software We Use for Image Retouching

Clipping path era can retouch any image and format as per your demand. Our contemporary photo studio has the MAC and advanced Windows-based PC to complete your task with a useful result. We use many advanced tools. But our preference is Adobe Photoshop software. We are familiar with the following software-

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Adobe Elements CC

  • Apple Photo

  • Corel PaintShop Pro

  • DxO PhotoLab

Why You Rely on Us?

Clipping Path Era is the best image retouching lab in Dhaka. We have reached a benchmark in quality image retouching and clients’ pleasure.  We are dealing effectively with your image by using the best retouching tools. Best after sales service increase the confidence of our clients’ on us.

Moreover, we have some other reason for becoming a trustworthy partner of our clients.

  • No retouched image gets out from our lab without QA check

  • One stop image processing service

  • Nonstop client support all over the year

  • Best image retouching lab with premium tools

  • Free counseling and sample for clients satisfaction

  • Return in mistake

  • The Most affordable price of the market

  • Time-bound work output

  • Assure 100% loyalty

  • Protected payment system

  • Unlimited revision

  • Up to half price reduction than regular price for bulk image retouching

Since 2013, Clipping Path Era has been serving the clients with the best image retouching service at a cheap rate within a strict deadline. We are always ready to give an effort to complete your photography masterpiece.

Feel free to ask a complimentary quotation and tell us your budget and deadline. We are eagerly waiting to help you.

For taking the best service from town, you are a step behind. Contact us now to light your memories